Hooters Stuttgart 30. Mai 1995 

          Yesterday I got the chance to see the Hooters live in Stuttgart, Germany during their 1995 summer tour.
          Here's a short review of the show together with some news which might be interesting.

          The 1995 Hooters summer tour is the 6th(!) tour leading the Hooters through Germany in the last 2
          years. The last tour ended in December and the Hooters promised to return this summer with a couple
          of new songs. After having released since then "only" a 1995 remix of "Satellite" which was recorded
          for a commercial for German Rail, I was wondering whether they could keep their promise or not.

          The Hoters have chosen a bigger concert hall for their 1995 show in Stuttgart with space for 4000-5000
          people instead of the smaller club with capacity for 2000-3000 people that they used last year. After the
          support act, "The Electric Hippies", finished their set the stage was ready for the Hooters.

          The Hooters opened their show with "You never know who your friends are" instead of "Dancing on the
          edge" which has been the opening song during the previous tours, followed by a brand new song from
          the upcoming album. This song (sorry, I don't know the title) was a "typical" Hooters song with Rob on
          Keyboards and Melodica/Hooter which reminded me a little bit of "Johnny B:". The Hooters continued
          with songs from their first 3 albums and one again it was a brilliant show. The audience was singing
          and dancing from the beginning of the show until the end 2 hours later. The band used new intro's for
          their songs, changed the arrangement of a couple of songs and played 2 more brand new songs: "One
          of us", a slow but powerful song and "The pendulumn swings" again a slow, melodic song. Eric used an
          instrument I've never seen before looking like a mixture between violin, guitar and sitar and sounded
          like a violin. Of course they played all their hits like "Day by Day", "All you zombies", "Johnny B,", "And
          we danced" etc. At the end of the show they played a short version of "Graveyard Waltz" being used as
          intro for "500 miles", which was played in an extended version leaving eacg member of the band
          enough time to play a brilliant solo.

          During the "Zugaben" (encore) the Hooters played songs from the "Out of body" album: "Dancing on
          the edge", "25 hours a day" and "Private Emotion/Heimliche Sehnsucht" with parts of the song in
          English and parts of the song in "German". The show ended with "Where do the children go".

          Once again the Hooters demonstrated that they are one of the best live bands you can find on stage
          anywhere. The tour will end on July, 7th and the hooters will return to the states in order to finish their
          new album. Eric said that the album will be release this autumn/winter.

          The review above has been written by me on May, 31st 1995 and was published in"Satellite - The
          Unoffical Hooters Electronic Newsletter". This newsletter does not exist any longer. Unfortunately the
          new Hooters album mentioned in the review has never been released...