The Hooters, 12 July 2008, Speyer, Halle 101

Partytime in Speyer

The Hooters opened the Open Air show in Speyer with "I'm alive" and "Time stand still" from their latest album, before playing one of their oldest songs "All you zombies". I usally like the light show during "zombies" - everyone on stage is turned into green - but playing an open-air show in the middle of July simply means that you can forget the light show at the beginning of the show. Anyway, the the band and the audience were in a very good mood right form the beginning.

For me it was the first time to see the Hooters in 2008 and compared to 2007 the setlist has not changed much. The only surprise for me was a terrific new version of "Bother, don't you walk away" from the "Zig-Zag" album: Dave' produces a very strong rythmn on his drums which turns the song into something completly new.

The show was perfect for a party on a Saturday night: the usual mix between new songs, the well known hits and the songs which have been written for other artists.
My favorit songs in this show were "Brother, don't you walk away", "Morning Buzz" and "Boys of summer".

After a kind kind of a "greatest hist section" whith "25 hours a day", "Satellite", "And we danced" and "Day by day" played in one row the band left the stage for the first time returnuing 2 times: at first for "One of us", "Time after time" and the brilliant "Free again", and then for "(What's so funny 'bout) love, peace and understanding".

After the final song, when the lights were switched on, a kind of a dance-remix version of "I'm alive" was played over the PA. Funny version, I wonder if it is availabe somewhere. As usual  there was a "Meet & Greet" after the show, where Eric told me, that the unplugged album will be released this fall.


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