The Hooters, 2005-07-03, Heilbronn, Gaffenberg Festival

See you next year!

The final show of the Hooters summer tour 2005  has  been moved on short notice from a club in Lahr to the Heilbronn Gaffenberg Festival - the same festival where the final show of the summer tour 2004 took place. The Gaffenberg festival is really a very nice venue: located on a hill between vineyards, several tents provided space for rock- and other shows. A big playground makes this festival very attractive for families to spent a nice summer evening.

"Time" and "Day by day" started the show and you could see from the beginning that the guys were enjoying the festival. Eric was smiling  during the whole concert (so it seems) and was imitating Pete Townsend's windmill from time to time. John  did a great job on lead vocals during "Digging  Deeper Down"  and he and Eric were amazing during "Deliver Me / Private Emotion". As ususal Rob did magic on the keyboards, the accordeons and of course the Hooter while Dave and Fran were rocking the tent.

The sound was not as good as in Konstanz, but nevertheless the new songs like "Live to see the day" and "Safe in your arms" were well received by the audience. My favourites of this show: "Morning Buzz", "Boys of summer" and "25 days".

After "All you zombies", which normally used to be the last song, Rob and Dave came back to start "Time after Time", Eric and Fran joined them in the second half of the song. All 5 played "One of us". Rob introduced the band and the whole Hooters crew. Eric introduced Rob and it was a very moving moment, when Eric said: "Rob and me had our ups and downs - but more ups than down". He added in German: "Rob ist das Herz der Hooters" (Rob is the heart of the Hooters). Rob mentioned a new CD "to be coming soon" and promised to come back next year.

Because the Hooters joined the festival on such short notice, the ticket does not mention them. Rob, Eric and John did a fine job to modify the ticket for me :-)


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